This allows you to purchase lessons packaged together. Either the complete seminar or Part 1, 2 or 3

Cost is $60 for one year access. 

This course includes Lynn's entire seminar and is designed as a personal interactive course for one person. 

The workbook pages are attached for downloading. 

Cost is $25 for one year access. 

This is the first Series of Lynn's "I Dare You" seminar. Part 1 consists of the first 8 lessons. 

Some of the topics that will be addressed are examining your flesh, the cost of sin and what it means to repent. You'll get a close look at the attributes of God and reflect on the depth of God's love for us. You'll discover why we react and overreact to situations and how to change our attitudes and behaviors. 

Cost is $25 for one year access.

This is Series 2 of Lynn's I Dare You seminar. The lessons include how to grow Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. Lynn also shares the 6 rules for relationships. 

Cost is $25 for one year access. 

This is the third series of the "I Dare You" on line course.  In this series you will examine the meaning of love, communicating with God, learn how to come to the line of communication with your spouse, contrast how men and women think differently and how to have better relationships with the family and friends.